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  • Fachübersetzungen in allen Sprachen

    Technical translations in all languages

    Traductions spécialisées dans toutes les langues

    Traduzioni specializzate in tutte le lingue

    Traducciones especializadas a todos los idiomas

  • Technik, Wirtschaft, Recht und Marketing

    Technical, Business, Legal and Marketing

    Technique, économie, droit et marketing

    Tecnologia, Economia, Diritto e Marketing

    Técnicas, económicas, jurídicas y de marketing

  • Muttersprachlich - Mentalitätsgerecht - Branchenspezifisch

    Traductores nativos - Textos que encajan con la mentalidad del destinatario - Respetando la especifidad de cada sector

    Native translators - Appropriate linguistic styles - Sector-specific terminology

    De langue marternelle - Rendre la mentalité - Spécifique à la branche

    Madrelingua - Mentalità adeguata - Esperti di settore

You can forward an inquiry at any time to one of the below email addresses or by using our contact form.

All inquiries are generally answered as quickly as possible the same working day. On request, we will be happy to provide you with a secure FTP access for transmitting larger data volumes. All documents submitted to us are generally dealt with in a highly confidential manner and will only be used for producing the respective offer or translation.

pts Translations

Thomas Hautkappe

Certified Translator (Technical, Business, Legal)

Your specialist for technical translations and more …

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