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  • Fachübersetzungen in allen Sprachen

    Technical translations in all languages

    Traductions spécialisées dans toutes les langues

    Traduzioni specializzate in tutte le lingue

    Traducciones especializadas a todos los idiomas

  • Technik, Wirtschaft, Recht und Marketing

    Technical, Business, Legal and Marketing

    Technique, économie, droit et marketing

    Tecnologia, Economia, Diritto e Marketing

    Técnicas, económicas, jurídicas y de marketing

  • Muttersprachlich - Mentalitätsgerecht - Branchenspezifisch

    Traductores nativos - Textos que encajan con la mentalidad del destinatario - Respetando la especifidad de cada sector

    Native translators - Appropriate linguistic styles - Sector-specific terminology

    De langue marternelle - Rendre la mentalité - Spécifique à la branche

    Madrelingua - Mentalità adeguata - Esperti di settore

Accurate technical and legal documents, marketing and advertising texts in the appropriate linguistic style

All of our employees have a language qualification with technical or legal knowledge or have an engineering degree with additional language training. And it is on this basis that we have been producing highly complicated, technical and legal projects for a demanding and quality-conscious circle of customers. Detailed research as well as the verification of potentially ambiguous passages in the original text with the responsible contact person, are an integral part of our translation process. Naturally, we only use native translators of the required target language which not only guarantees the correct contents but also the correct style of translation of the original text. This applies, in particular, to the area of product-related marketing and advertising texts, whose idioms, metaphors and slogans demand a high degree of creativity and special feeling of the language as well as a good understanding of the source language.

Interpreting services in Germany and abroad

Such as for negotiations, fairs, conferences, court proceedings, etc. The significance of a precise and complete language transmission is often severely underestimated in business, politics and also in court. There is also the fact that neither interpreting nor translating are protected professions and are not subject to any actual minimum qualification. Also the title “Sworn Interpreter“ only offers a limited guarantee for a person’s quality, if for instance the interpreter is unfamiliar with the respective subject matter. With our nearly 30 years of experience and respective contacts you can be sure that we will find the right interpreter for you!

Translation of official documents including certification and legalization (Apostille)

For instance, exerts from the commercial register, documents of incorporation, real estate sales contracts, etc. Where in addition to the certification by the translator, an Apostille (legalization by the respective court) is required, we will arrange this for you and handle all respective formalities.

Proofreading services

In particular when implementing improvement processes, the checking and, where necessary the correction and changing of existing, foreign language documents is unfortunately often unavoidable. Often documents also have to be checked when foreign-language documents that were originally only published internally are to be made accessible to a larger audience or are even to be published. We would also be happy to provide this service for you.

Language training completes our range of services

To further the foreign language skills of your employees, e.g. in the area of marketing or engineering, we offer intensive training particularly geared to the topics and problems suggested by you.