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  • Fachübersetzungen in allen Sprachen

    Technical translations in all languages

    Traductions spécialisées dans toutes les langues

    Traduzioni specializzate in tutte le lingue

    Traducciones especializadas a todos los idiomas

  • Technik, Wirtschaft, Recht und Marketing

    Technical, Business, Legal and Marketing

    Technique, économie, droit et marketing

    Tecnologia, Economia, Diritto e Marketing

    Técnicas, económicas, jurídicas y de marketing

  • Muttersprachlich - Mentalitätsgerecht - Branchenspezifisch

    Traductores nativos - Textos que encajan con la mentalidad del destinatario - Respetando la especifidad de cada sector

    Native translators - Appropriate linguistic styles - Sector-specific terminology

    De langue marternelle - Rendre la mentalité - Spécifique à la branche

    Madrelingua - Mentalità adeguata - Esperti di settore

Welcome to pts, professional translation services

Thank you for visiting our Website.

If you are involved in placing translation orders and in searching for language providers, you will probably have noticed that the number of such providers in your own country and abroad has literally exploded during recent years. Given the enormous advertising and marketing efforts by many of the newly founded translation agencies and chains financed with loan capital, we are delighted that you are interested in our services.

Even the most experienced decision makers find it difficult to choose from the constant flood of offers and we as insiders are continuously surprised about the numerous daily email messages full of fantastic promises and unrealistically low prices from agencies offering their services to us. If one considers that the world-wide number of really competent full-time translators is quite transparent and that for instance a highly qualified technical translator for mechanical engineering does by no means have to be the right translator for a license agreement – despite having qualifications in the required language combination – the current boom of “all-rounders” who translate any subject matter is quite astounding. The background for this – as confirmed by the increasing number of enquiries and requests for translation corrections received on a daily basis – can however be explained quite easily by the fact that newcomers to the industry with a willingness to take on risk and business acumen have discovered the “Translation Industry” and believe that they can become successful by trading in translation services.

As new customers are, however, normally won over by offering the lowest price, many of these translation providers do face a problem, the effect of which we can feel ourselves on a daily basis and which is rigorously opposed by many long-established, experienced and highly qualified freelance translators: the search for the cheapest translator or translating agency immediately available to carry out the work and who produce the required profit margin. Consequently, the result is often the use of lesser-qualified translators with in some cases disastrous consequences for the end customer. Disastrous also because the effects of low-quality translations can often only become apparent for the customer after several years – such as an inability to obtain anticipated contacts or follow-on business or even major litigation.

We would like to and will protect our customers against such negative experiences also in future by following our quality principles, which we have maintained since 1984 of

– not passing on ANY of our client’s translation orders to semi-skilled or unskilled translators, newcomers, part-time
translators, au pairs, exchange students, etc.,

– offering maximum security by using a team of tried and tested, experienced and provably qualified specialists,

– endeavoring to achieve longstanding customer/supplier relations by providing optimum service and on the basis of fair

– advising you at all times in case of queries and not to hide behind answering machines or Internet-based platforms outside
of normal office hours,

– processing orders awarded to us, i.e. within a secure team of internal and external specialists and NOT to post your
requests on sector-specific websites or auction them off to the cheapest subcontractor

– thus maintaining absolute confidentiality of all documents,

– openly and honestly dealing with potential clients in case of a query and to inform them without delay of what is possible
within their time frame and also what may not be achievable at the required quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you miss any information on this Website or wish a binding answer or advice.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Hautkappe
Certified Translator (Technical, Business, Legal)
– Owner –