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  • Fachübersetzungen in allen Sprachen

    Technical translations in all languages

    Traductions spécialisées dans toutes les langues

    Traduzioni specializzate in tutte le lingue

    Traducciones especializadas a todos los idiomas

  • Technik, Wirtschaft, Recht und Marketing

    Technical, Business, Legal and Marketing

    Technique, économie, droit et marketing

    Tecnologia, Economia, Diritto e Marketing

    Técnicas, económicas, jurídicas y de marketing

  • Muttersprachlich - Mentalitätsgerecht - Branchenspezifisch

    Traductores nativos - Textos que encajan con la mentalidad del destinatario - Respetando la especifidad de cada sector

    Native translators - Appropriate linguistic styles - Sector-specific terminology

    De langue marternelle - Rendre la mentalité - Spécifique à la branche

    Madrelingua - Mentalità adeguata - Esperti di settore

We regard ourselves as a “Full Service Provider“ and aim to support our customers’ internal departments in the long term and in the best way possible. Research, verification and terminology work are more than just catchphrases for us. The core elements of our philosophy are briefly outlined in the below paragraphs.


To ensure that we offer our clients the best possible quality and security, we only employee established and highly qualified experts with, in most cases, many years of professional experience. So for instance in the area of technical translations, where 75% of our permanent team of translators is made up of qualified engineers with additional language training, who naturally only translate into their mother tongue. Despite of the enormous worldwide cost pressure, quality remains of paramount importance to us.

No loss of information and time due to direct contact and 24/7 availability

We place special emphasis on the direct, personal contact to our clients in order to minimize the risk of faults and to guarantee the quickest possible order processing. And it is for this reason that we can be reached around the clock, seven days a week. This service allows our customers to make quicker decisions, forward any planning or text changes as well as additional information directly to us and to check the progress of the work at any time. In an age of globalization and against the background of the requirements of internationally operating companies, this degree of reachability and availability is vital in our opinion and from our experience.

Translation and formatting – naturally at a fixed price

As a standard, we will supply you with professionally designed translations including text formatted to represent or even improve the original. And we can generally supply finished translations in all file formats. Any required conversion of your original text is also included in our fixed prices, so that there are no unpleasant surprises of hidden charges.

Adaptation to the language used in the industry and company / diligent terminology work

What is for instance referred to as a “cabinet“ by one manufacturer of wind turbines is known as a “panel“ or simply as a “box“ by others. These terms have developed within the different companies or also different countries and are part of the identity of the respective company – and that should also remain like this. We do not sell you quick standard solutions but use the terminology provided by you – so that you still recognize your products and components tomorrow.

Archiving of all data / CAT tools / exchange of large data volumes by FTP

Generally we archive all processed texts and data. At the same time we produce customer-specific glossaries or TMs for all translations to ensure that the important uniformity of the documentation is maintained for all subsequent projects. The use of respective CAT tools should be discussed with us prior to commencement of a translation. We provide our own FTP servers for exchanging larger data volumes, where it is not possible or desirable to use the customer’s Web platforms.